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Thread: Ubuntu touch emulator issue?

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    Ubuntu touch emulator issue?


    Probably the wrong forum, but cant find where to put this so...

    Have 2 questions; trying to look into the dev of U_touch apps, webapps ...Looked att to install the emulator. However the display of the virtual phone is all cracked (see att.). ( I know I have seen some comments on the net reg. that but I cant find it now, so can I fix this or are my computer/graphical driver not supported?

    Second question, I tried to generate a webapp, dont realy know if I succeded but I have created a click package at least how do I transfer that to the emulator to test?

    Take a third question also, are there any great step by step guide how to use the ubuntu sdk (nice if there are up to date pictures of the dev. SW also). To create scopes, apps and webapps? Best where if I could buy a book somewhere...


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