Hi Ubuntu people!

Finally I have something to ask and a problem which I cannot solve just googling.

As I said in the title, resume from suspend doesn't work on my macbookpro 4.1 with Ubuntu 14.04 installed. Not even with clean live cd. After resuming from suspend and logging, destop appears without Unity or other menus and totally freezes not even mouse pointer can be moved. If powerbutton is pressed shortly in the stuck situation result is 1/10s showed commandline error message(may I should take videoclip of that?) and finally blank screen which requires long press of powerbutton. CTRL-ALT-Fx -terminals doesn't work on the situation. Suspend worked greatly with 12.10, so what has been broken this feature and what I can do? That macbookpro is my thirtiary computer, so the the problem is not big for me. I guess that problem is that some of the kernel modules cannot wakeup or X-windowing is confused but those are only guesses. I know that mac-users are a marginal group of Ubuntu users, but I would be glad as Ubuntu enthusiast if somebody knows the workaround.

Br. Mikko