Hi all. I try to custom lubuntu 14.04. I follow instructions at (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization). Not all steps are done. I only do the basic step from preparation until change root, then cleanup until produce the iso image. I do not do the advanced step.
The added application in my customization are hplip, hplip-gui, and many more that got from apt-get repository. Some apps I are installed from tar bal (libre office and thunderbird mail client), and some are from binary package like skype and chrome web browser.
Everything seems run normally. But when I boot the modified lubuntu, it stop at the following step:
"starting CUPS printing spooling/server"

I make the installation media using unetbootin, multisystem and startup disc creator. I do not know how to fix and to solve this.
Thanks before.