So i have been tinkering with Awesome WM, installed Lubuntu 14.04 and did some preliminary setup Flightgear 3.0.0-1/Fgrun/Marble/Awesome WM
and then i tested it all day yesterday, seems pretty rock solid, now we get to the interesting part... i forgot to install the radeon driver... oops

now here is the interesting thing, we all know that AMD's drivers have bad support for OPENGL applications
and the problem is evident in flightgear when all your text ie buttons/menus/windows Flicker or completely dissapear like when you enabling ALS (atmospheric light scattering)

and we here at FLightgear with are AMD video cards have had to live with this for a while

some posts describing the problem

but for some reason the OPENSOURCE driver doesnt have the problem, never knew this i always stayed away from the open source driver since i had some issues with it a few years back
and the proprietary driver is always one of the first things i install

now im fammilliar with the fact that the opensource driver is decent enough for most 2D applications but i would hardly call FGFS 2D Lulz and am surprised at the performance i am able to get
especcially the fact that i have been complaining about my issues with AMD's OPENGL performance for a while

so if you are having isues with your fancy AMD video card and Flightgear you should check out the OPENSOURCE xserver-xorg-video-ati driver

heres some screenshots without the horrible flickering Hurayyy