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Thread: Printer Stopped "Filter Failed"

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    Re: Printer Stopped "Filter Failed"

    CUPS regularly ships updates which are plain broken, either in the HP PPD (driver) files, or in the filters. It has happened so often that I have given up even trying to report the errors. I don't know why they do this; the only solution is to download and install hplip. I have no idea what you would do if you are using a non-HP printer. There are two main errors:

    • In the CUPS-supplied PPD file[s] for HP A3 printers (eg K7100, K8600), there is a bug which crops the image to A4 size,
    even when printing on A3 paper using the correct A3 settings;
    • In the CUPS-supplied ps* filters there is some bug which causes the "filter failed" error message.
    This has been fixed a couple of times, but repeatedly gets unfixed somehow.

    Both of these disappear when you install hplip, but if there is then another CUPS update, it breaks (same errors) so you have to install hplip all over again, even if it is the same version.

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    Re: Printer Stopped "Filter Failed"

    Thank you very much this solved the problem for me

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