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Thread: Doesnt boot because Power Chip charred

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    Doesnt boot because Power Chip charred

    my lemur4 just gave up working. I dismatled the Motherboard and found out, that the Chip of the Power Supply was charred. My Problem is: I dont want to buy a new Laptop or MB and can solder this chip out and a new one in but I cant read the inscription. I attached a photo of the chip. It's placed on the right border of the Maiboard(If you view it from the Processors Side). It would be very helpful if you could send me the Number that is written in the Chip so i can order a new one.



    Marius Cerwenetz

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    Re: Doesnt boot because Power Chip charred

    This customer also opened a support case on our website. We're handling the issue there.
    Ian Santopietro - System76 Technical Support.
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