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Thread: Nautilus: sort files by date created?

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    Nautilus: sort files by date created?

    I'm a relative noob stumped by a simple task: arrange files within a folder by modification date (better yet, if possible, creation date). And - I need to use the GUI / Nautilus for this, rather than the command line.

    When I go into a folder and click 'view' ---> 'by modification date', what I get is a grouping that is not chronological in a linear way. Files get grouped by month (all Januaries together) then date (1-30), then year (2012-2014). Then come the Februaries, etc.

    I realize that I can set this in Preferences - but it still doesn't give me a linear sort (eg, January 1, 2000 - December 31, 2013).

    What elementary thing am I missing?

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