Hi, I'm Kael, one of the founders of GMRZ.TV.

We want to create the world's first 24/7 gaming TV channel. The technical part is more interesting. We want to deploy a Web 2.0 approach named Stream 2.0. Our visitors will earn experience points, advance in levels and unlock different skills like in an RPG game. They earn XP by interacting with the channel. The whole idea's point to give full control over the content the overlay or even the general appearance of the channel. We have several ideas but the final product is still shaping.

You may read more about it on our Kickstarter page and we would really like to hear your oppinion here.
If you want to help us popularize this or if you are a gamer and you like the idea, than please:
1. Spread the word and visit the site: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects...gaming-channel
2. If you like the rewards, back the project. At the bottom line money will decide the success.

You may join us on our Twitch channel today (27.07.2014 - GMT: 20:00)
We will be on Twitch main site also from GMT 20:30. You will be able to ask from me personally about the project.

Thank you for your attention and we are ready for your suggestions!