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Thread: UPS Sizing & Selection for Ratel

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    UPS Sizing & Selection for Ratel

    I'm sure this info is somewhere, but I don't know the wattage draw for my Ratel PC. Here's the config:
    Ratel Performance ( ratp1 )
    3rd Generation Intel Core i5 3470 (3.20GHz, 6MB cache, 4 Cores, HD Graphics 2500)
    4 GB – 2 x 2 GB - Crucial Sport Dual Channel DDR3 - 1600 MHz
    Intel High Definition Graphics
    250 GB SATA III 6 Gb/s 16 MB Cache
    CD-RW / DVD-RW Dual Layer

    I'd like to buy a UPS for my Ratel. Unless re-directed by suggestions from this forum, I'll probably go with APC and use apcupsd with it. I want it to protect my Ratel, and give clean current to the monitor. I need to protect the PC during power interruptions until it shuts itself down, or I come home and shut it down. I'd expect the monitor to be asleep when the UPS is engaged. If I'm home, I'd likely shut down the computer myself. Anyway, what is the wattage draw of this Ratel? It factors into the sizing calculators that are out there.

    I'm also going to buy a printer. The most stringent requirement would be printing mid-quality photos. Spacially compact will be useful too. I hear HP is always a safe pick for Ubuntu, so I'll lean toward that unless someone has a better idea.

    My main question is the wattage draw for my Ratel? Thanks for the info.
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    Re: UPS Sizing & Selection for Ratel

    The maximum draw from the Ratel will be 500 Watts. If you plan on that, then everything should exceed your expectations.

    The actual draw will vary greatly depending on usage, so I would plan for the maximum draw, or use an inline ammeter to measure you specific average draw.

    I can definitely recommend HP on the printer side of things. They're almost always plug-and-play.
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