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Thread: Asus Vivobook Ubuntu 9.1 network problems

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    Asus Vivobook Ubuntu 9.1 network problems

    I bought an asus vivobook, and try to install ubuntu karmic koala as my favourite operating system, but the network doesnt works at all.

    Does anyone have any idea how to fix it? I need a step by step instruction. I tried to install madwifi driver but it didnt helped.



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    Re: Asus Vivobook Ubuntu 9.1 network problems

    2009, phew! The only suggestions I can offer, as Karmic is no longer supported, would be if you can, get a newer kernel installed - can't guarantee there are newer ones unless you manually compile, but the hardware in the Vivobook is quite a bit newer to where the older kernel (2.6.32?) probably won't support a lot of the items in it. Other than that, look into Xubuntu, Lubuntu, a MATE or Cinnamon Spin or that if you want classic Gnome.

    Most the answers will be it's not supported anymore. Sorry dude.
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    Re: Asus Vivobook Ubuntu 9.1 network problems

    EOL releases are not supported on the forum so this thread is closed! Here are suggestions to help you upgrade.

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