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Thread: Get a ubuntu cd/dvd by postmail

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    Get a ubuntu cd/dvd by postmail

    I want a ubuntu cd/dvd by postmail. so please Sir send me a cd/dvd.
    My address is-
    Thank You
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    Re: Get a ubuntu cd/dvd by postmail

    Hello Rohit_Verma,

    It's probably not a good idea to publich your address in any forum, it won't do you any good as we do not send Ubuntu CD/DVD media from here, perhaps you would have better luck contacting your nearest loco team?

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    Re: Get a ubuntu cd/dvd by postmail

    You will have far better luck getting one of your know how to friend's to download and burn it for you than to locate someone to mail it to you. Assuming you do not have DVD writer/USB and Internet.

    Another thing you're probably mistaken about is: Ubuntu OS is definitely free but if you're looking for already burned ready to use DVD, it is not going to be free. It will cost some chump money. Again, safest place to get it would be to get to some reputed store/ find and buy magazine which offers one with it. This shouldn't cost you more than RS 200-300/- You can get more info about it from locale computer dealer's etc.

    However, there are ample stalls (which sale illegal CD/DVD of pretty much everything) around railway stations in India which can offer you this as well, but make sure you're good at bargaining, they could easily rip you off. And under no circumstances buy anything else from them, irrespective of how lucrative the deal may look. This should be your last resort. Buying from them shouldn't cost you more than RS 200/- either. BUT this is by no means a preferred way to get anything. So, you're at your own risk.

    Getting one from friend is still your best bet, plus, if he is little knowledgeable, he may be useful to you in future.

    I almost forgot about the on-line options if you can try them.
    You can also try on ebay

    This again, is at your own risk and we hold no responsibility towards any issues that may arise if you do use them.
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