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Thread: Lubuntu 14.04 Missing Network Manager Icon

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    Lubuntu 14.04 Missing Network Manager Icon

    For those of you using Lubuntu 14.04 and have been frustrated by the missing Network Manager Icon on the default install and have not been able to satisfactorily use the work around, a fix has come forward. I have been using the work around but the fix can be found here:

    It was relayed to me last evening and I want to pass it on to anyone who may still be looking for a fix. When I checked my system I discovered that it had already been installed by an update so you may already have it as well if you keep your OS updated.
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    Re: Lubuntu 14.04 Missing Network Manager Icon

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    Re: Lubuntu 14.04 Missing Network Manager Icon

    Yes, some of the bugs, for example the Network Manager applet bug, are fixed when updated/upgraded today. These bug fixes will be included in the first point release Lubuntu 14.04.1 LTS expected to arrive in the end of this month (July). Then I think we'll consider this version of Lubuntu mature

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