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Thread: 2012 mac pro- ubuntu install

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    2012 mac pro- ubuntu install

    ok i have a new hard drive ready for ubuntu install - which is the best most stable install to use...i have hardware that asks for version 13.10 not sure why.

    here is the link:

    I do have plan and this is the condensed version -

    0) add new hard drive and load ubuntu, boot with drive. (not sure of best method to do this)

    1) find new hardware using ubuntu drivers (2 pci hard drives from ozc called revo drives)

    2) stripe raid 0 pci revodrives. (not sure where to find utility to do this) mac has disk utility.

    3) clone drive to new pci drives. (again where do i find this utility)

    4) boot up using new drives and ensure all works.

    5) load more software and add more hard drives.

    my feeling is if Ubuntu can perform any of the actions i need and find my new hardware, as well as run bigger programs like adobe photoshop i will be one happy camper.

    just getting Ubuntu loaded and viewing the hardware will be rewarding to me. thanks in advance for any suggestions or advise regarding my quest.
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