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Thread: flash player plugin ubuntu studio 14.04 LTS

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    flash player plugin ubuntu studio 14.04 LTS

    Is there a solution to the missing flashpaler plugin not installing? I have tried all the follow the links instructions and system indicates flash player plugin installed yet it isn't.

    tried installing flash plugin installer from synaptic then follow links provided by browser when accessing ctv news videos (cbc is OK) and still claims to install but really doesn't.

    Check of adobe web site says they aren't supporting linux any more; what gives?

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    Re: flash player plugin ubuntu studio 14.04 LTS

    Is this for Firefox or Chromium?

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    Re: flash player plugin ubuntu studio 14.04 LTS

    For Chromium, install pepperflashplugin-nonfree. That will take you to the latest, 12.** from memory, but ONLY in Chromium.

    Do you mean you installed flashplugin-installer and it didn't work in Firefox? Can you open Firefox add-ons and see if it is actually installed?

    No, Adobe doesn't support Linux anymore. All ended at version 11.2 (from memory again). Chromium is the only way to get the latest, and as I say, that only runs in Chromium and won't effect anything else (although I have recently seen some threads where some folks seem to be getting Pepperflash to work with Firefox).

    Good luck.

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