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Thread: HELP!!!!!! Taskbar situation Zorin 8

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    HELP!!!!!! Taskbar situation Zorin 8

    I'm using Zorin 8, an Ubuntu varient. OK, this is a long story, so I'm going to just give you the short version that affects this. I'm on my son's computer, trying to fix my wife's computer. I'm on my son's because mine shorted out and fried the same day my wife's quit. Ya I have great luck. lol.

    Anyway, I was messing around and decided I needed all my bookmarks and history from Chrome, so instead of messing with my son's Chrome, I decided to create a new account, do what I needed, then I could just delete my account and everything I had done, and his computer would be just like it was before I started. So I pull up the system settings menu, and of course as always (I don't know why this hasn't been corrected yet), the settings menu is too big, and the "add user" button is below the taskbar. As usual, there is no way to resize or move the &*(^&%* thing, so I think "The last time I had this problem, I made the taskbar so I could clickthrough it, did what I needed and reset the taskbar"

    So this is where I &^%^&%^ up, I made the taskbar so I could clickthrough, and before I thought about it, I had closed the taskbar settings menu, now the taskbar has been made to be clicked through, and I can't click on the start menu or right-click the taskbar or anything. So Please, someone tell me how to fix this, before I have to tell him I messed up.

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    Re: HELP!!!!!! Taskbar situation Zorin 8

    Thread moved to Other OS/Distro Support.

    Zorin not covered in the main support areas here, but you are quite welcome to seek help on these forums. Good luck.

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