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Thread: Nvidia update issue

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    Exclamation Nvidia update issue

    I have 10.04 LTS on my PC dualboot with windows 7.
    I had to get a new TV as my old one went bad. I bought a Sony Bravia. With my old TV I had no problems interfacing displays
    with my PC, But now even after doing Driver updates for my Nvidia graphics card {recommended] The Nvidia console won't let me
    extend displays or clone how ever you want to phrase it. My connection is via HDMI . Now I have this big [untitled window] on my
    Desktop that says " Could not apply the stored configuration for monitors" and I can't get rid of it. Any help would be Great!
    Thanks' HR

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    Re: Nvidia update issue

    Perhaps your problems are due to Ubuntu 10.04 having expired in April, 2013.

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    Re: Nvidia update issue

    10.04 is indeed EOL. Fresh install of 14.04 highly recommended...

    Could not apply the stored configuration for monitors
    You may want to look at the ~/.config/autostart/lxrandr-autostart file (or whatever its equivalent was back in the Lucid days).

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    Re: Nvidia update issue


    We no longer support threads requesting support for End Of Life (EOL) releases of Ubuntu. Please see the sticky at

    I would suggest installing a currently supported release.

    Thread closed.
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