I have a System76 Gazelle Professional that had a first-class kinetic incident.

I have the power supply and the battery that I would like to pass on to somebody who might use it. The laptop itself is squished pretty good, however I believe that the keyboard is probably reusable, and as the owners of this thing know you "might" need one. This keyboard was replaced via RMA this spring, so it is pretty fresh. Fan and heapipe might be of interest for somebody planning to use his/hers for long. The mainboard is possibly OK, but unlikely.

I am thinking 1/2 price of the value, which would be $85, so let's say $75 shipped to the continental US for battery+PSU. If you want the actual laptop shell (to get the keyboard out, or the fan or heatpipe or whatever you like) just add $10 for the shipping. Please note that RAM, HD and CPU will not be included.