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Thread: getting flash to work on Amazon Prime movies...

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    getting flash to work on Amazon Prime movies...

    I recently installed Ubuntu 14 on my MacBook Pro and use rEFIt to switch between them. I want to transistion to Ubuntu as my main OS because Mavericks keeps crashing everytime I seem to install a program it doesn't like. I recently reinstalled Mavericks with a new partition/installation etc and rebuilt the whole thing. It was working crash free for awhile but now it crashes again (usually after a long period of non use) and I'm just tired. Ubuntu, however, is not crashing. How ironic.

    Anyway, I want to stay more and more in Ubuntu over time and so I'm trying to nail down the most aggravating problems as I go along. One of them is the inability to play movies on Amazon which I do frequently to relax. I've installed the Flash player but that doesn't seem to be good enough for Amazon. I took a screen shot of the message I get but I can't post it (presumably) because I'm a new forum user. The message reads...

    "An error occurred and your player could not be updated. This is likely because your Flash player or browser needs to be updated [they both have been updated]. This update is required to play back this video."

    I don't know how to find the version of Flash. I'm sure it's the latest version of Firefox. Any suggestions?

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    Re: getting flash to work on Amazon Prime movies...

    Try chrome or chromium with the pepper-something plugin.

    Firefox is stuck at flash 11.2 ... and I think Windows is at 13.x now. Flash from Adobe is dead on Linux, so only the Google Chrome browser (with its privacy sucking warts) or extra manual setup under the F/LOSS Chromium is likely to work. Some non-free (i.e. proprietary and illegal for me) codecs probably need to be installed. I wasn't willing to do that and definitely NOT willing to load Chrome. Personal decision.

    Last July, I did find that the current Mint out of the box did work with Amazon Prime streaming - but I wasn't willing to switch to Mint on an otherwise-perfectly-working media center PC running Plex, XBMC and Ubuntu Server. Plus the illegality of Mint codecs in my country concerned me.

    I gave up about a year ago and use a Roku3 now - which has solved a few other issues, while introducing other complexities due to the HDMI-only connection.

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    Re: getting flash to work on Amazon Prime movies...

    Google Chrome has a deal with adobe to always provide the latest flash for it's pepperflash plug in (even on the linux version of course), so if you download Chrome from their website, you get it automatically...with firefox you are currently stuck with that old outdated flash...Chrome also has a neat built in pdf reader and installs a ppa in your software sources so you always get the newest version as soon as it comes out through the ubuntu software updater...
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