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Thread: Forum Data Attribution, Retention and Privacy Policy

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    Forum Data Attribution, Retention and Privacy Policy

    Forum Data Attribution, Retention and Privacy Policy

    Attribution Licence.

    All public forum data is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 4.0 International License. This means that you may copy and redistribute material published here, but you must attribute it to The Ubuntu Forums ( and republish under the same license. It also means that by posting content here, you have assigned the content of your post to the above license.


    Forum staff (admins and moderators) have editorial control over the content of posts. You are able to edit your posts, and minor edits for corrections or to update content are acceptable and welcomed. Removal of significant content from a number of posts is considered to be forum vandalism and will probably be dealt with by the account being banned and restoration of original post content.

    Notwithstanding this, the Forum Council is sympathetic to those who may find that information publicly displayed in posts is personally embarrassing or damaging and will be happy to consider requests for removal of some information. Please also see the point about renaming accounts below.


    We do not delete accounts. However, we are prepared to disable accounts on request, which involves removing personal information from profile fields, with the exception of all email and IP addresses associated with the account. We retain records of email and IP addresses, but this is information which can only be viewed by forum staff (admins and moderators) and is considered to be confidential.

    In addition to disabling an account, we are also happy to rename the account so that the username appears as a random string, or any acceptable string provided by the departing member.

    We may also deem your account as abandoned following a period of inactivity which exceeds 7 years, dependant on historical account activity .


    Your forum profile page can only be seen by logged in forum account holders. Unless you choose to make any personal information visible in your profile through profile settings, your personal data can only be viewed by forum staff (admins and moderators). It is considered to be confidential and we do not pass it on to third parties. Your forum username is, of course, visible to logged in members in your profile page and in posts, and to visitors to the site in your posts.
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