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Thread: Squeezebox/Logitech Media Server

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    Squeezebox/Logitech Media Server

    Ran Squeezecenter on 10.04 for a couple of years, driving 4 separate Squeezebox hardware devices. Not a small investment in the HW.

    Upgraded to Xubuntu 14.04. Discovered when attempting to re-install the server that Logitech has stopped supporting my Squeezeboxes. They now offer a Logitech Media Server, which I tried to install with out success.

    My hardware is a 32-bit HP desktop, 4GB RAM and lots of disk space.

    In looking at the logs for the server, I see it repeatedly starts and restarts every 5 seconds. Plenty of other people have had this problem, and after investigating it on the net, I tried solutions which seemed to work for others. No joy there.

    My main interest is to be able to use the Squeezebox hardware. These are cool devices and it's a shame Logitech bailed on them.

    Anyhow I installed Plex but I could not get the Squeezeboxes to connect to it.

    So my request is for any ideas on how to get Logitech Media Server working on my Xubuntu box.

    Thoughts, anyone?

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    Re: Squeezebox/Logitech Media Server

    Problem solved. Something changed some where that was incompatible with the version of Logitech Media Server I was trying to install. I suspect but haven't proven that it was an update to Perl.


    I downloaded

    Followed the the instructions here:

    Specifically this part:
    Install all packages from /nfs/pkgs/ubuntu-builds directory

    Recursively handle and install all regular files matching pattern *.deb found at/nfs/pkgs/ubuntu-builds/ directory and all of its subdirectories, type:
    $ sudo dpkg -i -R /nfs/pkgs/ubuntu-builds/

    I chose that version because it showed a Perl update for Perl 5.18

    On my box perl -v returned
    This is perl 5, version 18, subversion 2 (v5.18.2)


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