I have been searching for what feels like years for a genuine replacement of dreamweaver. Something that is Nativity Linux, open source (but not necessarily free), has been updated in the last 5 years, actually uses modern standards and has a proper split view.

As mentioned in many forums and even askubuntu questions, this doesn't strictly exist. I have resorted to netbeans, after trying 10 other editors, and none qualify as useful in my opinion.

Clearly we need something new.

What do you think about a crowd funded project for a new editor with the same abilities as the modern dreamweaver.

If its well planned, the base code could be extensible to run on multiple platforms.

If there was an open source project that really was even half as good as the adobe alternative I know I'd be willing to buy it if was useful. I'm on the verge of just buying DW and installing in on wine in my ubuntu 14.04. If I wanted to dual boot, then I;d need a windows lisence, all the associated virus protections and have to worry about their incessant updates. Besides who likes win 8/.1 anyway...