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Thread: Forums Staff recommendations on WUBI

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    Forums Staff recommendations on WUBI

    Though WUBI (Windows-Based-Ubuntu-Installer) is included with the Ubuntu ISO up to the 14.04 release it is no longer officially supported by Canonical.

    With no active development for Wubi, there are few experienced users of Ubuntu who also use wubi on this forum, and hence few here who can give informed support for wubi.

    There are some existing resources available for those who choose to use this application as a means to try Ubuntu.

    Please try Ubuntu this way before installing it

    See also this link for staff recommendations regarding EOL (end-of-life) releases.
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    Re: Forums Staff recommendations on WUBI

    In some cases wubi might seem to be the alternative, for example if you have four primary partitions in an MSDOS partition table.

    To install Ubuntu alongside Windows you must remove one of the primary partitions and after that shrink Windows.

    - Use Windows tools to shrink Windows partitions.

    - Then boot from an Ubuntu install drive, start gparted and create an extended partition of the unallocated space and inside the extended partition logical partitions for Ubuntu or let the Ubuntu installer do it automatically, which will work in several cases.


    Thanks hakuna_matata for the following tips.

    Quote Originally Posted by hakuna_matata View Post
    I go through the install steps and choose "Install Inside Windows". I am running Windows 7 Starter.

    I then get the Lubuntu splash screen for a few seconds and the computer reboots and starts loading Windows.
    IMHO here is your issue and your solution. Good luck.
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