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Thread: skype tray icon not show automatically

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    skype tray icon not show automatically


    As the title says, skype tray icon is missing when login. It does show up if I move the cursor to a hot corner to activate the scale addon of switch to a different workplace and switch back. Ubuntu 14.04 with unity 7.2.0+14.04.20140423-0ubuntu1.2.

    I tested on two machines with completely different specs so I don't think it is hardware or driver related.

    P.S. It is not the same problem that some people reported where the tray icon doesn't show at all. It just doesn't show automatically. The fix for this problem is to install sni-qt:i386 but that is already installed.

    Edited: The icon would also show up if I tab the wheel icon on the top right of the panel (where the drop down shows About this computer, system settings etc)
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