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Thread: Trash Icon - Where is it?

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    Trash Icon - Where is it?

    Running gnome flashback in 14.04. I have used Applications/System Tools/Preferences/Tweak Tool to put the Trash Icon on the Desktop. However, I would like to put it in the bottom panel. I'm happy to do this re <Super>>Alt>, right click and Add to Panel but where is the (same) Trash icon that the tweak tool uses? I intend to use nautilus trash:// to open the trash folder.

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    Re: Trash Icon - Where is it?

    It's part of 'gnome-applets':

    Screenshot from 2014-06-14 10:49:35.jpg

    In order to edit panel preferences and add or remove panel applets in Flashback w/Metacity you must press Alt while right-clicking the panel, and in Flashback w/Compiz you must press Alt+Super (the windows key) while right-clicking panel.

    More here:

    My older Precise notes, which I link to there, are more complete in describing how to edit the panels.

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    Re: Trash Icon - Where is it?

    Why not forget about it? Open Nautilus, go to Behaviour, check the box include a delete option to bypass trash. I have no idea what Trash is for. If you delete something it means delete, not moving to another folder where it continue to take up space.

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    Re: Trash Icon - Where is it?

    Quote Originally Posted by kansasnoob View Post
    It's part of 'gnome-applets'
    Thanks! That's what was not installed by default so the trash icon does not appear as an item to add to the panel - and I think that's what the OP was asking.

    Problem solved!
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