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Thread: Where can I download "Ubuntu for Android?"

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    Where can I download "Ubuntu for Android?"

    This has been advertised for awhile, and I've been waiting for quite some time for a download link. Is this just a conceptual page, or a miscarried/obsolete project; or, am I blind to a download link somewhere? I would really enjoy using *buntu instead of stock Android, but I can find nothing which confirms or denies the existence of this distro/app/whatever it's supposed to be.

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    Re: Where can I download "Ubuntu for Android?"

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    Re: Where can I download "Ubuntu for Android?"

    "Ubuntu for Android is the first complete solution for office productivity on a phone. It lets Android and Ubuntu share the same Linux kernel, so they can run at the same time – Android for the phone experience and Ubuntu when docked. "

    It is not just something you can download to your existing phone. You would have to buy a phone that incorporates it, of which none have been made.

    What you are thinking of is Ubuntu Phone, which is Ubuntu running as the phone operating system. It is already out there and can be installed onto certain phone models. However it is really intended to be preinstalled onto a phone by the manufacturer, and there are phones coming out later this year that run Ubuntu Phone as the main operating system.

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    Re: Where can I download "Ubuntu for Android?"

    As of April 2014, this project is no longer under active development by Canonical.

    As far as I can tell Ubuntu for Android was meant to stimulate OEMs into putting Ubuntu on their retail phone devices without too much extra work. And so bring Ubuntu phones to market a lot quicker. I do not think that anything came of it. Has anyone ever heard of an Android/Ubuntu for Android phone being released for retail? I haven't.

    All official development has been directed to pure Ubuntu phones and tablets and again the intention is for OEMs to release Ubuntu phones/tablets on the market. All the developer work is available for developers and experimenters to download. There is even a project to dual boot Android and Ubuntu but as this link says.

    The new Ubuntu Dualboot release, codenamed M9, enables developers to run both Ubuntu and Android on a single device and is packed with new features that make it the power tool to use for those doing development in both platforms.
    Dual boot is not a feature suitable for regular users. It is recommended to be installed only by developers who are comfortable with flashing devices and with their partition layout. Dual boot rewrites the Android recovery partition and those installing it should be intimately familiar with re-flashing it in case something goes wrong.

    I expect that one day (soon?) there will be Ubuntu phones and tablets for retail. I may even buy one myself, although I have little use for a mobile phone or tablet. But I do not expect that we will any time soon be able to download Ubuntu and install it on any mobile device we may have purchased. No, not in the way we expect to be able to install Ubuntu on desktops and laptops. That would be to mis-understand the direction that the developers are working towards.

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