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Thread: Graphics Issues and Crashing with Ubuntu on Mac

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    Graphics Issues and Crashing with Ubuntu on Mac

    I am using ubuntu 14.04 LTS on a 2010 mac book. My graphics card is a Nvidia 320m. I use i3wm with LightDM.
    Usually the graphics mess up (virtical lines, boxes etc..) but sometimes this does not happen. After a while the system will hang, sometimes I can still move the mouse. After this sometimes it goes to a black screen displaying:
    * Starting LightDM Display Manager
    * Stopping Send an event to indicate plymouth is up
    * Starting Mount network filesystems
    * Stopping Mount network filesystems
    ^@^@[ 1691.884024] nouveau E[xorg[8562]] failed to idle channel 0xcccc0000 [xorg[8562]]
    [ 1706 884055] nouveau E[xorg[0562]] failed to idle channel 0xcccc0000 [xorg[8562]]
    The rest of the output was garbled.
    Othertimes instead of this output the system will return to the login screen.
    I managed to retrieve the following information through ssh after one of the above black screens.
    lspci -nn:
    I have the same problem if I use the try Ubuntu option from a live cd

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    Re: Graphics Issues and Crashing with Ubuntu on Mac

    Thread moved to Apple Users.
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