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Thread: Video playback freezes, after resuming from pm-suspend

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    Video playback freezes, after resuming from pm-suspend

    Lubuntu 14.04, updated recently.

    Steps to reproduce:

    - sudo pm-suspend
    - (turn on my computer)
    - vlc, mplayer, etc and play any random video file.

    The video on the system appears to freeze. Audio will continue to play from the video, but I get a black screen it.

    If I switch to another virtual desktop before suspending, then the system will work as expected upon resuming. However, when I switch to the virtual desktop on which the video is playing, then the system will freeze.

    After some time, I am able to drop to a tty. Even then there are some freezing problems. It appears that lightdm will restart after a while.

    If I reboot normally, video playback works as-expected.

    This does not occur with 13.04 on this hardware.

    I have a GeForce GTX 650 and am using the default nouveau drivers.

    I'm not sure where to begin to troubleshoot this.
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    Re: Video playback freezes, after resuming from pm-suspend

    This issue is either linked to faulty memory or to poor power being supplied to my video card.

    Fixing these issues, I can no longer reproduce this video playback freeze.


    [edit] I was wrong.

    Testing on 13.04
    - Originally, I was unable to reproduce this issue.
    - After installing libdvdcss I was able to reproduce it.
    - Even after my hardware changes, I am still able to reproduce it.

    Therefore, I was wrong to suggest a power supply or memory issue. This was a software issue resolved with some recent update.
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    Re: Video playback freezes, after resuming from pm-suspend

    Hey spiralofhope,

    i experience exactly the same errors like you.
    After resuming my system of suspend (sudo pm-suspend) and starting to play a vidoe file with vlc, the display freezes and i am only able to hear the sound.
    Playing the video in tty2 works but back in graphical mode not.

    I'm using not an ubuntu powered system, nevertheless i participate in this forum, because it seems that it is not an ubuntu related problem.

    So my system configuration is:

    fedora20 with latest kernel (3.16.2-201)
    latest version of vlc (2.1.5)
    i3 as the desktop environment and
    and the nouveau driver

    nvidia geforce GT 240M 4gb ram
    acer aspire 7738g

    maybe someone of you have an idea how do determine the error

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