I remember once, about 5 years ago, my boss said he wanted to get a PC with a processor with a 4 gigabyte cache.. I told him that was impossible, maybe not for a super computer, but for an ordinary user. I told him that even a 4 megabyte cache was well outside his price range, not to mention completely unnecessary for what he wanted.. He said "I'll wait till I find someone who knows what they're talking about."

Now of course there is no way to know if he was being sexist or just a ****. There rarely is. But he had no reason whatsoever to assume I knew nothing about computers and I did kind of wonder what he'd have said if I'd been a man (especially considering the nice beard I'd grow if I were a man).

Anyway, yeah, I'm not a very "big" person you might say, because I enjoyed asking him a few weeks later how big his new cache was