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Thread: query w.r.t OpenVswitch on ubuntu 12.10

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    Question query w.r.t OpenVswitch on ubuntu 12.10

    Hi All,

    I am a bit lost here. I have posted the query on askubuntu and asking the same here.

    I have read that ubuntu 12.10 comes with a default openvswitch module and I remember verifying the same.
    But at the same time, I also find lot of resources out there which install openvswitch on ubuntu 12.10..

    I am currently running 12.10 , and want to understand the appropriate way of getting openvswitch up and running, unfortunately the openvswitch official website is down and I am unable to extract any further information

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    Re: query w.r.t OpenVswitch on ubuntu 12.10

    So, I'm a little late and don't have the answer you want. 12.10 is NOT supported anymore. No patches. That makes is a less-than-great idea to run it. Reference:

    14.04 or 12.04 are the best choices today. Both are LTS supported.

    I used it on a 12.04 machine, but didn't find the extra effort worth the extra hassle or 5% performance gain over normal Linux bridges. It has been about 7 months, but I vaguely recall a number of kernel module dependencies that were not handled automatically. Sorry I'm not anymore help.


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