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Thread: types of tablets that can run Ubuntu Desktop

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    types of tablets that can run Ubuntu Desktop

    Lately you can see all kinds of laptop/tablet/pc hybrids: Laptop convertibles, Tablet PCs, Tablets. Also, they run either ARM, Atom or full Core i3/5/7 processors. Some use GRUB, others use EUFI.
    I was wondering on which of these can I install Ubuntu Desktop edition (currently 14.04 LTS). I'd like to be able to:

    1. Boot up from the USB drive (probably some keyboard shortcut)
    2. Install Ubuntu with the regular image
    3. Touch support
    4. Optionally recognize tablet keys and orientation

    I'd like to know which architectures (Core/Atom/ARM) and bootloaders (GRUB/EUFI) support Ubuntu Desktop.
    Can I install Ubuntu Desktop on any tablet, as long as it runs Core i3/5/7, for eg.?
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    Re: types of tablets that can run Ubuntu Desktop

    I see you've opened a new thread that has had some replies.

    This one closed, having multiple threads for the same question dilutes the community's ablity to help.
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