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Thread: How to reduce power consumption in Ubuntu 14.04

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    Post How to reduce power consumption in Ubuntu 14.04

    For all people with power problems using Ubuntu 14.04 try downgrading your Linux kernel to Long term supported version

    either 3.10 or 3.12
    PS: it worked for me and will work for most of the people as 3.12 kernel is stable

    firstly download the 3 deb files which suit ur system architecture
    if for 32 bit =>i386
    for 64 bit =>amd64
    go for files which have generic written

    Go to the downloaded folder

    then run this

    sudo dpkg -i linux-headers-3.12.20* linux-image-3.12.20* .deb

    And then remove the 3.13 default kernel

    sudo apt-get remove linux-headers-3.13.0* linux-image-3.13.*
    And ur through

    If possible change the URI for Kernel updates in Software Center.

    -Regards Tejas Ghalsasi

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    Re: How to reduce power consumption in Ubuntu 14.04

    "It worked for me" is not a sufficient recommendation as far as I am concerned. Please provide statistical evidence of a power consumption reduction.
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