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Thread: Is unity worth learning?

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    Is unity worth learning?

    I started using Ubuntu years ago when GNOME was the default desktop environment and it was perfect, it had the topbar where I could add launcher icons, and a bottom bar for switching between windows. The topbar also had the dropdown menus (Applications, System, Places etc.), thats probably why I was instantly converted to linux. Unity on the other hand, if I didn't know the hotkeys I'd be crippled. Its only because I'm more experienced with linux now that I decided to switch, if I was a newbie switching over from Windows, I'd probably go back to Windows when I saw unity because I wouldn't want to have to learn a completely different desktop environment. Have many of you here just went with the change and learned unity, if so does it turn out to be as good or better than the old school GNOME interface, once you learn how to use it? Are you able to tweak and customise it in whatever way you want? The main things I want to add are a bottom bar that shows all the open windows, and the ability to add launcher icons to the topbar. Dropdown menus would be nice too. The sidebar in unity is good, it has launcher icons and window selectors, I'll definitely be keeping that but I wanna add a bottom bar too.

    I haven't tried GNOME 3 yet, I heard something about Ubuntu 14 coming with GNOME 3 as an option, well I did actually try it once and was turned away because it was so different, I'd be just as well going with unity. Would you recommend GNOME 3 over unity?

    EDIT: I just figured out what happens if you click the super key, or click ALT by itself. I'm starting to like unity a whole lot better now. CTRL + ALT + RIGHT doesn't work though, does unity not have a desktop switcher?
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