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Thread: A bit of help needed with Awesome WM

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    A bit of help needed with Awesome WM


    I'm trying to install Awesome WM. Well, the install is completed and working, but I can't seem to make any changes to the interface. I read the manpage, which says the config file is ~/awesome/rc.lua, another page says it's ~/awesomerc, and yet another says it's ~/.config/awesome/rc.lua.

    Just to be safe, I copied the rc.lua to all three places. Tried adding the widget by using the method described here, but it doesn't seem to show up after restarting. Which is the config file, and what am I doing wrong? Answer would be appreciated.

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    Re: A bit of help needed with Awesome WM

    ~/.config/awesome/rc.lua would be where you want to copy the default config rc.lua file.

    Modify this and then restart / reload by [meta][ctrl]r

    If the changes don't appear to have worked, you either got your syntax wrong or the commands are wrong.

    I have been using awesome for about 5 years or so with Ubuntu and love it.


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