Hello all,
I was running Citrix Receiver for Linux Version 12.x and ubuntu 14.04 succesfully for about a month but I started to face up to interruption of connection.

When I move mouse inside virtual than Error message appears "Connection to $IP has been lost" and session is disconnected.

I'm using webinterface to download launch.ica and command wfica -log launch.ica to connect to virtual but no error message is logged in .ICACient/logs .
Network connection works well (I tried few networks including, wifi, cabel...).
When I connect and I don't work with virtual then connection remains openned and working.
I alo tried to upgrade to citrix receiver 13.0 but the behavior was the same...

Can anybody suggest me what can I try or how can I switch on debug logging to find detailed reason of loosing connection ?

Thanks Pavel