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Thread: Kernel 3.13.0-27 Crashes

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    Kernel 3.13.0-27 Crashes

    Dear Forum,

    I have Ubuntu 14.40 installed on an Asus 64 bit desktop machine, and it was working well. However, in the last couple of days the system upgraded the Kernel from 3.13.0-24 to 3.13.0-27.

    The machine now fails to boot, and crashes just after the purple screen appears. It drops into a static text screen which seems to show that a number of modlues have loaded, but then something happens just after that and the system is crashed.

    If I switch off and then start the machine again I get a screen offering ubuntu advanced options. If I select the advanced option, and then select to boot using Kernel 3.13.0-24, the machine boots normally.

    Is there something that I have to do to get Kernel 3.13.0-27 to work?

    In the mean time how can I make Kernel 3.13.0-24 the default boot option so that I don't have to switch the machine off and on again to get into the advanced options?

    Best wishes,

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    Re: Kernel 3.13.0-27 Crashes

    Why not boot in advance mode and select the last kernel that work for you.


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