I've been using Lubuntu from time to time during a few years, but now with the end of Windows XP and the poor screen experience that Windows 7 gives, I wanted to use Lubuntu more often. So I installed 14.04 only to find out that I couldn't use it because if I wanted to turn off networking I had to get around and take the connector out. There are two network panel applets in 14.04 but I don't understand anything about what information they give or how they work, if they work.

On Lubuntu 12.04 which I'm using now the network panel applet is quite good, a simple click and one is informed about the network connectors, if they're on or off, and it's easy to turn them on or off.

Is it possible to take an applet from 12.04 and install it on 14.04, or download it somewhere?

Is it possible to make those existing network panel applets in 14.04 more usable?

I always turn off the connection to the internet as soon as it's not needed, with 12.04 I've already experienced at least twice that Lubuntu get's so slow that it won't even turn off when being left unattended too long on the internet.