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Thread: 14.04 off filesystem behavior

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    14.04 off filesystem behavior

    I am in the process of moving Windows server backups from an external USB drive to a Ubuntu NAS ITX-based whitebox I built. Everything went smoothe on the server build and I am using Samba or iSCSI when all is said and done. A Samba share as well as a blockio and fileio iscsi target(s) are created. The intention here is just to play around a little bit and see which option would work best. Everything connects fine from server to NAS. Now here is where things get interesting and where I need some guidance. After a week's worth of tests here are the net results of my tests.

    1. Anytime I run a backup using mdadm raid1 the BackupExec job fails on verification, stating that one or more files are different. To be clear, the files I am backing up are quiesced - meaning the server itself is not being used by anyone but me. Secondly, some of these files that are different are pretty old and odds are good they have not been touched in years. Some files are my administrative installers and I know they have not been touched. This symptom exists whether I use iscsi, ext4 or even ext3.

    2. Anytime I run a backup to a non-raid ext4 filesystem, the BackupExec job fails on verification - same symptoms as #1.

    3. Anytime I run a backup to a non-raid ext3 or iscsi target, the BackupExec job succeeds!!!!!

    So the net of my problem with 14.04 is that I cannot use mdadm or ext4 at all. Which on the whole is not a huge problem for me or my client but it is a shock nonetheless. Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Re: 14.04 off filesystem behavior

    Support, not chat, thread.

    Thread moved to Server Platforms.
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