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Thread: Can't login to forums with Windows XP

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    Exclamation Can't login to forums with Windows XP

    Hello. I'm dual-booting a computer with Xubuntu & Windows XP. When I'm using Xubuntu, the site works fine. But, if I boot into Windows XP I can't login to the site.

    I click the Log In link at the top of the page, and it redirects me to sign in with SSO, which I do. SSO logs in and asks if I want to use my real name, email address. I click OK, and then when it redirects me back to the forums I'm not logged in.

    I'm using Firefox on both OS's. I don't remember which version of Firefox is on XP, but it just updated this morning. I've been having this problem for weeks now.

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    Re: Can't login to forums with Windows XP

    As I recall, I had a similar problem with IE (on XP).
    I think I ended up setting the forums as a trusted site.
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