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Thread: sudo cat /etc/shadow - Concerend about password change

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    sudo cat /etc/shadow - Concerend about password change

    I have NEVER set up a root password, however I have just run the sudo cat /etc/shadow command and it shows:


    and so on

    I have read that the 1st number is the number of days after Jan 1 1970 that the password was changed. Most of the others show 15994 which equates to 16/10/13 however root shows 16066 which would equate to 27/12/2013. Does this mean that there was a root password set/changed on this date, as I never set a root password? I am therefore concerned about the security of my system.

    Any guidance would be very much appreciated. I realise the ! signifies there is no password at present.
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    Re: sudo cat /etc/shadow - Concerend about password change

    The ! in the password field means the password is locked. Same reading here on my own file.

    Now the dates : have you upgraded keeping your /home and user on this machine ?
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