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Thread: beginner postfix Dovecot squirrelmail clamav

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    beginner postfix Dovecot squirrelmail clamav

    This seem like the right place to put this as it is an email server that I'm trying to do for fun.

    links I have used

    I need the mail to be sent out by gmail. I have a free dynmic dns with I can not seem to find an up to date guide for this. I was able to install postfix well when I say install I mean I think it was down right. Dovecot I did the apt-get install dovecot-postfix so I think it was done right. and as for squirrelmail I have do idea because my page says and it is not working. after I use http://ip or domian/squirrelmail

    As for the mail user I want to use the users on the ubuntu computer.

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    Re: beginner postfix Dovecot squirrelmail clamav

    Beginner? Almost 1-click install of complete email server


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