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Thread: username mismatch

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    username mismatch

    Hi I've not logged info a while

    I used to be SlugSlug amd now slug3

    Pretty sure am using the same SSO address can someone point my email to my slugslug account?

    PM me and I can verify emails etc

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    Re: usermane mismatch

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    Re: username mismatch

    slugslug uses a hotmail account that includes what I assume to be your real name

    this new account includes a popular method for dealing with slugs

    set to use the hotmail account if you can, set as preferred - when you've done that post here to let us know and we can finish the job

    if you can't do that - PM me with the complete hotmail address and we can move on from there

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    Re: username mismatch

    Sorry to barge in Elfy, but I've noticed something I often miss myself.

    @slug3, you have two Ubuntu One accounts, one with the hotmail email linked to the forum SlugSlug account, the other linked to this account. Both Ubuntu One accounts have the same username, which Ubuntu One permits, but different emails. You last logged into SlugSlug from Ubuntu One SSO in August last year. Log out of Ubuntu One and then into the Ubuntu One account with the hotmail. If you then log into the forum from the hotmail Ubuntu One account you should do so to SlugSlug. Once you've done so, pm either Elfy or myself and we'll do whatever else is necessary.
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