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Thread: Keyring not unlocking when logging in (Firefox?)

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    Re: Keyring not unlocking when logging in (Firefox?)

    that someone would be able to get the keys needed to unencrypt the data just as easily as he'd be able to get the browser data itself if there isn't any confirmation (password) required from the user to access the encryption key.

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    Re: Keyring not unlocking when logging in (Firefox?)

    I was rather stupid just using automatic login the last 2 times I've installed releases. Talk about leaving the system wide open - anyone could access my PC since mine is the only log on, which means anyone could access EVERYTHING on the PC - and BTW Drowz0r I don't think encryption would help at all if anyone can have full access to your system because of auto-logon.

    I'm not sure why I ever changed to auto-logon - I think it was about the time I was setting up an old laptop to "rescue" my brother in-law until I got his laptop reloaded, and I made that auto-logon for him - probably was just in my mind.

    At any rate, I've gone back to requiring logon.

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