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Thread: Request to change username (after SSO login change)

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    Request to change username (after SSO login change)

    I would like to have my username (which has been corrupted since the change to SSO) changed to "blenderfox", if this is not available (I can't remember whether I had signed up with that username originally, and haven't been on here for a long while), let me know - I have a few alternatives.

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    Re: Request to change username (after SSO login change)

    Yes you do have that account.

    Change the ubuntone part of the e-mail at to ubuntuforums - make sure it is set as preferred.

    Logout from here and login - once you've done that you should be in your old account.

    I've diassociated this account now assuming you are about and watching the thread.

    If you logout/in here BEFORE you deal with SSO - you'll come back to this account.

    Post here if that is the case.

    Once you have successfully associated to blenderfox you can change the SSO address back again.


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