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Thread: Help with Realplayer files

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    Re: Help with Realplayer files

    Quote Originally Posted by Temüjin View Post
    - Debian/Ubuntu switched from ffmpeg to the very similar libav, so you can't just 'apt-get install ffmpeg'.
    - Audacity doesn't have ffmpeg/libav support because it is very far behind on supporting new versions. You have to jump through some hoops to get it:
    - At any rate, Audacity is probably not the way to go here (small script or winff would be much faster).

    Fortunately, libav also lists support for ralf. Try this (make sure libav-tools package is installed first):
    avconv -i filename.ra filename.flac
    If it works to satisfaction, then you can try converting all of them with winff or a script.
    Cool beans, then.
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    Re: Help with Realplayer files

    Quote Originally Posted by Adam_GUI View Post
    I can't find a source .ra as a test.
    Modern FFmpeg can create one for you although it is an older version of both Real Video and Real Audio and only really any good for the academic exercise:

    ffmpeg -i input.mp4 \
           -c:v rv20 -q:v 5 \
           -c:a ra_144 \
    Looks like ra_144 does not respond to any bitrate alterations but rv20 can be massaged a little with quality settings...

    Take home message is that Real Audio and Real Media are actually about half a dozen differing codecs each, FFmpeg contains decoders for most and encoders for the very early ones.
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