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Thread: 14.04 64 bit - No LAN connection on ethernet

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    14.04 64 bit - No LAN connection on ethernet

    Trying a new install of 14.04 (64bit flavour) on a Fujitsu mainboard, I'm having a weird network problem.

    The network manager shows a working connection at 100Mb/s, lsmod, lshw, route, ifconfig & co. all show fine output, but I can get absolutely *no* connection anywhere.
    That is, ifconfig shows everything fine, except 0 RX packets. The pc 20 cm to the right can get a perfect connection using the same parameters.

    Posating full output of commands is quite tedious due to the missing network connectivity....

    Threads on the internet show similar problems on GIGABYTE mainboards can be solved using a IOMMU switch in the BIOS, but the FUJITSU mainboard does not have that switch and my USB is working perfectly (not so with the GIGABYTE Boards).

    Another thread here suggested a solution by exchanging drivers, but that was for a realtek card while mine is an Intel.

    Any similar experience, or better still a solution out there?

    I'll try a 32bit version next...


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    Re: 14.04 64 bit - No LAN connection on ethernet

    32bit does not work either...

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    Re: 14.04 64 bit - No LAN connection on ethernet

    mfeldt; Hey,

    Are you getting out of house with the connection ?
    What returns form terminal command:
    ping -c3
    If return is good, then most likely a DNS issue .

    hey it's a thought
    THE current(cy) in Documentation:

    Happy ubuntu'n !

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