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Thread: Partition Scheme on New Install

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    Partition Scheme on New Install

    I've seen in a few instances were people have set up their partitions as follows:


    Is there any real advantage to this for a regular desktop user? Is there any advantage to having them on different type of drive or fikesystem type? I have heard for performance locating /var/ on a ramdisk is good, and /home/ on an HDD is good as well. Please redline in any pointer or comments.

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    Re: Partition Scheme on New Install

    Default install is / (root) and swap. For new users with a smaller / that is all that is needed. I only had that plus a shared NTFS data partition when I was dual booting XP.

    But we often suggest adding either /home or a data partition as an additional partition. Separate /home can make reinstall easier as you can just remount it without reformatting that partition.

    But I prefer reliability. So I have all system including /home inside / on every drive. Then each drive can be booted without any other drive. And then I have separate data partitions. I find my working install on a SSD uses about 11GB out of my 25GB / (root). And then I have large data partitions for all my data on a rotating drive.
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