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Thread: Problems w/ RSA keys

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    Re: Problems w/ RSA keys

    Lars, I did wipe the whole machine and then followed the tutorial from this site tutorial

    In the ssh conf file I had the following set
    passwordauthentication no I commented this out and could then ssh from MAC to server.

    I am now struggling to get Ubuntu to send emails etc. I have tried ssmtp and msmtp to use a Gmail account, and get similar problems;

    currently, with ssmtp programmed, if I type;
    echo 'Hello from Server' | mail -s 'Hello from Server'

    I get the following error;
    mail: cannot send message: Process exited with a non-zero status

    Googling hasn't helped me thus far ……. do you have any pointers that would help me ?



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    Re: Problems w/ RSA keys


    I'd recommend that you start a new thread for this question, so that the thread title reflects the issue, you may find you get more answers that way

    In general terms, you need to check whether you can reach the smtp server and what it's telling you when you try to connect. Without more data it's hard to say what's going on, but I think the most likely reason is authentication failure.

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