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Thread: System 76 BIOS on Sager NP2740

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    System 76 BIOS on Sager NP2740

    Friends, I recently purchased the Sager NP2740 (Also know as System76 Galago UltraPro ). I had to return it for a hardware issue. When I got it back the splash screen (from a cold boot) now says System 76. It used to show Sager but because the mother board was replaced it changed. Should I reflash the BIOS? I am running Win 7 Sp1 but want to dual boot with Bodhi Linux (U 14.04 variant) once the final version is available. Thanks for any advise!

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    Re: System 76 BIOS on Sager NP2740

    Back in the autumn of 2012, I was thinking of buying a System 76, but went with Lenovo on a W530. The price, features, and quality of the Lenovo seemed to have completly outshined what System 76 had to offer at that time. Then I read these types of posts as yours, and I am wondering what's going on at System 76? It's worse than buying a GM car!

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    HiJack of my own thread LOL

    Sorry if my question was misleading. I did not buy a System 76 machine, but the MB was replaced and it has the current BIOS from system 76. Windows 7 works fine and I recently loaded Ubuntu 64 bit 14.04 (Dual boot) and it works perfectly. I loaded the latest graphics driver from Intel's site 1.0.5 .. I see no reason at this point to flash the BIOS. But Sager did send me the file if I want to.
    Can anyone provide any tips or improved drivers/programs for the system especially in the area of power management? I want to see how much battery life I can get out of this beast.
    Thanks, Hessian


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