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Thread: Why do people hate Unity so much?

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    Why do people hate Unity so much?

    First of all let me just say that I would never dis someone for their choice of desktop environment or even Linux distribution.

    I think it is a personal choice and that is great!

    I am just curious why so many people appear to hate the Unity environment so much? I have been using Ubuntu since before Unity. Before that I was a faithful Mac user. I have also used many versions of Windows. But I must say the current version of Unity in 14.04 and even in 13.10 IMHO feels so slick, quick and efficient it almost makes me feel like I am running the Mac OS on my PC, but I think even better. With every version of Unity that comes out I feel my PC is becoming more and more intuitive to use. I even sat my Mom down at my PC the other day to try out my new 14.04 install and she picked it up pretty much right away. Yes, she run's a Mac but is also definitely not even close to being a power user. I have tried Xubuntu and Lubuntu (the more traditional desktops) and I must say that even though I find Xubuntu appealing it just seems to be missing... something. It is like it is almost there but just not quite. Although I have recommended Xubuntu to some Windows XP users as I feel that would be an easier transition for them.

    Anyways, comments?


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    Re: Why do people hate Unity so much?

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    Re: Why do people hate Unity so much?

    Thanks for your opinion - but I'm closing this before the half a dozen people pop along with their copy and paste responses.


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