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Thread: Desktop problem

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    Desktop problem

    Hi, i have a problem
    I had installed gnome after I boot my laptop I've blocked on a black screen write "fsck"

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    Re: Desktop problem

    You have not given enough information to let us help you.

    But I will tell you this. When Linux loads it runs a file system check (fsck) on the partition that it is loading Ubuntu from. The result is printed to the screen but we do not usually see it because at this point there should be a purple splash screen hiding these normal Linux system messages. If we are using a proprietary video driver then we do not get the purple splash screen. If we use an open source video driver we get the splash screen and do not see that message. I share with you my experience.

    I see the same fsck message and on my machine I also see "clean." So, everything is fine. On my machine the loading process is not stopped. There is still lots of hard disk activity and the login screen appears and it takes the usual amount of time. And I am using the development version of the next release of Ubuntu & it will not reach Alpha 1 status for another 2 & a half weeks and this message is not stopping me from using Ubuntu.

    You need to describe the situation more accurately. Do you get to a login screen? Do you get to a working desktop? What version of Ubuntu are you using? What is the hardware specification of the machine? Include information about the graphic adapter. How long has Ubuntu been installed? Recently? Have you done anything that could cause this problem? If it is actually a problem.
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    Re: Desktop problem

    Also, fsck can take a bit of time to run. Let it go for several minutes or more before deciding the machine is locked.


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